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 Скачать Tomb Raider Anniversary 

The adventure begins when Lara is hired by a powerful syndicate to retrieve a mythical object called the Scion. As Lara searches ancient tombs and isolated worlds that have lain undisturbed for thousands of years, she discovers that she is not alone. N

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 258 Кб Скачать Tomb Raider Anniversary
 Скачать Dungeon Riders 

A whole world of Maya treasures is waiting for you -but if you want to reach it, you'll have to pass through labyrinths full of traps and monsters. New hoards and dangers are hiding behind each door: moving floors, disappearing bridges, flaming traps..

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 17 Кб Скачать Dungeon Riders
 Скачать Secret Maryo Chronicles 0.99.7 

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a 2D Jump&Run Game built upon SDL. It is open-source software so the source is included in the download package from Sourceforge.

Anyone who played games back in the day of the SNES will recognize just about everyt

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 16 Кб Скачать Secret Maryo Chronicles 0.99.7
 Скачать PikoNinja The Last Ninja 

Imagine if Super Mario was a Ninja and liked to hang out in the tropics. That's roughly what you get with PikoNinja The Last Ninja. The story goes that the Great Master Ke-bran-tao has fallen sick and the potion to cure him is needed as soon as possibl

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 18 Кб Скачать PikoNinja The Last Ninja
 Скачать Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.3 

If you grew up using a Commodore 64 then you surely must have owned the classic Boulder Dash game. If your parents were slightly richer and you had an Amiga, then you'll probably know it as Emerald Mine. Rocks'n'Diamonds is basically a clone of these g

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 3 Кб Скачать Rocks'n'Diamonds 3.2.3
 Скачать Mega Mario 1.5 

Mega Mario is intended to be a remake of the original Super Mario Bros game, featuring improved graphics and smoother movements, but I must say it falls quote short of the expectations.

The game does actually recreate the original adventures of g

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 4 Кб Скачать Mega Mario 1.5
 Скачать Entrance Gate 1.3 

This game is never going to win any awards for graphics but in terms of gameplay, it's actually very addictive. It reminds me of Citadel which was a classic game on the Amiga all those years ago. The plot is thus - the Earth has been ravaged by the eff

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 29 Кб Скачать Entrance Gate 1.3
 Скачать Super Cow 

Super Cow is an unusual and fun adventure game where you take on the role of a genetically modified cow which battles an evil scientist in his quest to take over the world. The scientist has cloned all cows to and animals to obey his every command and

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 31 Кб Скачать Super Cow
 Скачать Polarity 

If you think that a platform game can no longer surprise you these days, wait until you play Polarity.

This original 2D platform game has been designed and developer in a similar way to that of other more traditional platform games: horizontal sc

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 89 Кб Скачать Polarity
 Скачать Icy Tower 1.3.1 

At a time when every computer game released seems to add more levels of detail and complexity to the world of gaming, itРІР‚в„ўs good to see that some developers make the effort to bring out titles designed for a bit of mindless enjoyment. Icy Tower lo

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 3 Кб Скачать Icy Tower 1.3.1
 Скачать Greedy Penguins 1.00 

There's nothing in this world as determined as a hungry penguin, as this platform jumping game proves.

The object of Greedy Penguins is to guide your little penguin down a series of platforms as the screen scrolls upwards. This isn't as easy as

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 877 Кб Скачать Greedy Penguins 1.00
 Скачать Crazy Spot 1.01 

I'm a big fan of spot the difference games and have recently become addicted to the ones you get in pubs where you need to touch the screen to find the differences.

Thankfully now I don't have to stand around drinking for hours in order to get my

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 3 Кб Скачать Crazy Spot 1.01
 Скачать Frozzd 

This is one of those indie games you find especially attractive, either because it's fun to play, or because it has cute graphics, or because it reminds you of other games you like, or just for all these reasons at the same time.

Frozzd will imme

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 6 Кб Скачать Frozzd
 Скачать LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Demo 

There's only a week left until Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull hits cinemas worldwide, a moment all true Indy fans like me have been desperately waiting for. If you're also among them, let me show you a trick to relieve your Indiana Jones anxiety:

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 465 Кб Скачать LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Demo
 Скачать Pogo Sticker 1.0.3 

Pogo Sticker is a fun game inspired by as the name suggests, pogoing as you control a small pogo hopping mad man.

By clicking the mouse, you can increases your jump height, and moving the mouse to the left or right moves him appropriately. The ai

Скачано: (Cегодня: ) Размер: 1 Кб Скачать Pogo Sticker 1.0.3

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