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Endless Sky 64 Bit 0.9.8

  Endless Sky is a fantastic action-packed 2D space trading game modeled after the popular Escape Velocity RPG series. 32 Bit available.

In this saga, you are tasked with earning your way up from a piloting a diminutive shuttle, cargo ship, or fighter, to a highly upgraded and customized flagship or to a decorated command of an entire fleet of warships or freighters. You earn your keep by ferrying passengers or cargo, escorting convoys, bounty hunting, or taking over enemy ships by force - whatever it takes to come out on top of the galactic hierarchy.

The main story line takes up to 16 hours to play through properly; the well planned out and graphically detailed galaxy contains hundreds of star systems and planets, along with several alien species that have developed their own uniquely specialized technologies. You access to command more than fifty separate ships and several hundred ship upgrades. A plugin system allows anyone with a text editor and a paint program to create new ships, weapons, or missions, and the galaxy editor can be used to add new star systems and planets - which allows you to make your adventure truly unique, the only containment is your imagination.

Endless Sky gives you the option to play along with civil war, or go rogue and a tool around the beautifully animated galaxy eliminating pirates at will.

Since Endless Sky is open source, the games universe will expand as contributors (maybe even you) add new missions, storylines, alien species, places to explore, sound effects, and artwork.

For operational information check out the complete user manual for reference.

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