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Aravis 0.1.13


Aravis is a glib/gobject-based library implementing a Genicam interface, which can be used for the acquisition of video streams coming from either ethernet, firewire or USB cameras. It currently only implements an ethernet camera protocol used for industrial cameras.

Aravis is released under the LGPL v2+.

Most features of the Genicam standard are implemented, with the notable exception of the Enumeration and Boolean interfaces. It’s already possible to take the control of a camera, to start and stop the acquisition, and to get the images from the data stream.

Developer comments

There’s no documentation, but most of the code can be understood by reading the Genicam standard. I’ll post an example showing a basic use of the Aravis library.

Product's homepage

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· This release should fix the lost of connection, at least better than the last release. It also allows to instantiate a GigE Vision device using its MAC address.

· device: new "control-lost" signal.
· GV device: allow use of MAC address for device instantiation.
· GV device: retry gvcp command if wrong packet is received.
· GV device: try harder to get control register value in heartbeat thread.
· GVCP: don't use 0 for packet counter value.

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