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  AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the web, wirelessly, for free.

Easily manage your SMS, files, photos and videos, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and more on your computer, AirDroid allows you quickly transfer files between Android and computer from any network. You also share clipboard contents between your Android device and the desktop as well as the awesome ability to Mirror phone notifications from any allowed apps to computer.

AirDroid Features:

SMS: send and receive individual or group messages.
AirMirror: Complete control of Android, and use any apps, like WhatsApp, WeChat and Line.
Contacts: View and edit all the contacts.
Photos: Transfer photos between Android and computer.
Music & Videos: Play and manage music & videos on Android and transfer them between Android and computer.
Ringtones: Set music as ringtone and export ringtones.
Screenshot: View the real time screen of Android devices, take static screenshots. (requires root)
Apps: Import and export .apk files.
Camera: See through the lens of both front and back cameras.
URL: Push URL to Android and open it with default web browser.
AirDroid Clipboard: Share clipboard content between Android and computer.


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