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Tencent PC Manager 12.3.26494.901

  Tencent PC Manager offers a user-friendly all-in-one antivirus suite that boasts a large security cloud base for detecting and neutralizing viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, and other threats to your machine.

It will quickly scan your system addressing any safety concerns that arise as well as other performance issues encountered on your PC. It can be left to run silently in the background providing you with real-time protection and can be easily configured to target specific areas of concern - keep in mind that Tencent PC Manager is a bit heavy on the RAM.

Tencent PC Manager can continuously monitor your machine for an indication of an internet download being performed, once detected it ill investigates the file thoroughly and notify you any potential threat that may be contained. It provides a quarantine to segregate any malicious threats that may be found as well as a hand scan log for reference.

You are also afforded active defense with real-time shield consisting of:

Internet Shield
Online payment shield
Link scanner
Search protection

System Shield
File system shield
Registry shield
Process shield
Drive shield
Hacking detection

Application Shield
Desktop icon shield
Camera shield
Download shield

Tencent PC Manager makes use of the following to detect malware on your Windows computer:

*Tencent cloud protection engine
*Tencent Antivirus engine II
*Tencent system-repair engine
*Bitdefender Antivirus engine


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